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This report shows the selected Team's Dashboard of upcoming Appointments, open Opportunities, open Projects, and pending Tasks for the 3-Day period starting Today, and the 5-Day period starting Today.



  • person running report has the option to choose a single Team from the pulldown each time the report is run [see 4th screenshot above, where you can see that we chose the Sales Team]. if no Team is chosen, then the Dashboard is displayed for all active Users.
  • 💡TIP: you can define your Teams in Daylite by going to Daylite > Preferences > Users & Teams > Teams


REPORT OUTPUT, selected Team's 3-Day Dashboard and 5-Day Dashboard:

  • for the selected Team, we show the Team's Users, sorted by First Name ascending [A-Z]. if no Team is chosen, we show the database's active Users, sorted by First Name ascending [A-Z].
  • for each User, we show their Dashboard of Appointments*, open Opportunities, open Projects, pending Tasks, and Worklist Tasks that they own
  • Appointments are shown in the date represented by the Appointment Start Date
  • Open Projects [status is New or In Progress] are shown in the date reprented by the Project Due Date
  • Open Opportunities [status is Open] are shown in the date reprented by the Opportunity Forecasted Date
  • Open Tasks [status is Open, In Progress, or Pending] are shown in the date reprented by the Task Due Date
  • User image in first column of User's row: if User's Person record has a custom image, it will be displayed. if a circular image is placed into the User's Person record in Daylite, then a circular image will be shown [see Cynthia R. in the screenshots]. if a square image is placed into the User's Person record in Daylite, then a square image will be shown [see John Q. in the screenshots]. if the User's Person record has no image, their first initial and last initial will be shown [see Chester A. in the screenshots].

💡TIP: creating a circular image is easy! 🎬 watch our video on how to easily create a circular image and insert it into Daylite


MORE INFO on this report:

  • *the Daylite report engine does not support repeat Appointments, so repeat Appointments will not be displayed
  • the Daylite report engine tries to keep data together when possible, the report engine will insert page and line breaks as it sees fit. the only page break we manually inserted are between the end of the 3-Day Dashboard and the beginning of the 5-Day Dashboard.
  • the Daylite report engine stops at 100 pages so if you have a lot of data you may need to limit the data being reported by unchecking one of the checkboxes at report run time, and/or choosing a Team from the pulldown. 
  • output is PDF only
  • not for resale: buyer may only install their purchased Product on their own computer and on computers within their own company
  • not for resale: report is sold exclusively by Blue Rock. buyer is prohibited from reselling any Product or posting any Product for public use or distribution to other individuals and companies
  • payment is through PayPal; please click the add to cart button to add this report to your order
  • completing the purchase indicates agreement with terms of purchase and delivery

Team Dashboard - DL613


    Upon receipt of funds, a link to download the Product will be emailed to the email address you provided at the PayPal site.

    Please make sure that you provide an accurate, working email address when you complete your purchase. Please check both your Inbox and your Junk box.



    Completing a purchase indicates agreement with the Blue Rock's terms:

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