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Industry: Manufacturing


Cynthia has helped over the years with some unique reporting that has allowed us to improve our team performance and our forecasting.

She has a great understanding of the database in Daylite and was able to pull information that I had only hoped was accessible. 

Each project she has completed for us was quick and thorough.

She is a great resource.

Kurt B.

Manitowoc, WI United States

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Industry: Public Relations


Cynthia completed our work request extremely quickly and at a great price! Highly recommend her services!

Stephanie B.

San Francisco, CA United States

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Industry: Engineering


24 hours from me having an idea of what I needed to having a new report from Blue Rock running on our system.

Donald F.

New York, NY United States

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Industry: Real Estate


Cynthia is AWESOME!! She knows how to do EVERYTHING and makes it all seem so easy!

Katie S.

Portland, OR United States

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Industry: Construction/Renovation


Cynthia always provides excellent customer service as well as quick turn around time with her services

Samantha H.

Milton Ontario Canada

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