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Industry: Manufacturing


Cynthia has helped over the years with some unique reporting that has allowed us to improve our team performance and our forecasting.

She has a great understanding of the database in Daylite and was able to pull information that I had only hoped was accessible. 

Each project she has completed for us was quick and thorough.

She is a great resource.

Kurt B.

Manitowoc, WI United States

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Industry: Manufacturing


Cynthia was prompt, professional, and delivered our forms exactly as we had specified.  We will be delighted to recommend Blue Rock to anyone requiring these services.

Neil M.

Alberta, Canada

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Industry: Public Relations


Cynthia completed our work request extremely quickly and at a great price! Highly recommend her services!

Stephanie B.

San Francisco, CA United States

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Industry: Engineering


24 hours from me having an idea of what I needed to having a new report from Blue Rock running on our system.

Donald F.

New York, NY United States

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Industry: Real Estate


Cynthia is AWESOME!! She knows how to do EVERYTHING and makes it all seem so easy!

Katie S.

Portland, OR United States

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