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My app stack of must have apps!
(I'm just getting started...check back for more)

automate everything

with Zapier

Use Zapier's integration with 2,000+ apps to automate passing data between apps like Daylite, Calendly, Slack, Mailchimp, & more.

⚡️check out our automations!


track sales, projects, tasks,

& more with Daylite

Designed to keep relevant items linked together in one place, so you're not switching between multiple apps to access follow-ups, sales, appointments, tasks, projects, & files.

⚡️get the most out of Daylite!


keep your team in the loop

with Slack

Collaboration has never been so easy! Slack replaces the dreaded emails you're probably using for team communication. Blech.

Slack Channels keep conversations organized and on-topic.

🏆Productivity win!


live chat with site visitors

with Formilla

Engage your visitors as they're on your site by providing real-time support and sales assistance.

Display smart messages like...

new visitor sees Welcome!

return visitors see Welcome back!

...or based on location, & more.


save hours of repeat typing

with TextExpander

Define snippets that instantly expand into your commonly typed phrases, entire paragraphs, even dynamic email message templates.

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create beautiful surveys

with SurveySparrow

Easy to create. 

Gorgeous, sleek designs.

Conversational format.

Logic branching for personalization.

Mobile friendly.


online client scheduling

with Calendly

Erase the frustration of trying to find a time that works for everyone!

Your clients can simply go to your scheduling page and pick from your available dates and times.

✨ bonus! we can integrate it with Daylite & other CRMs


remove background noise

with Krisp

Pair with any conferencing app, headset, or microphone! 

a lifesaver if you...

  work in a noisy office or home

  type notes during calls (hello fellow keyboard pounders)


collect data from online forms with JotForm

Choose from 10,000 Form templates.

Gorgeous, sleek designs.

Cards templates offer a 1-question at a time conversational format.

Mobile friendly.

wix black - BR modified 130 wide.png

create a stunning website

with Wix

With 500+ designer templates to choose from, and simple drag & drop editing, your Wix website can come to life in under a day!


Disclosure: some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means that if you purchase the product after clicking the link, I may earn a commission.  I have used, or am currently using all of these products.
I only place products on my site that I love, and that I think may be useful to my clients and potential clients.

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