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see screenshot for report input selections, which control report output



  • usage: select a single Project from pulldown, enter date range [for the Project's Tasks, Appointments, Notes and Emails] and check the boxes to indicate which information you'd like to see regarding the Project
  • pipeline visual: this is the blue arrow near the top right; shows the current stage number and stage name
  • Appointments and Tasks section: shows the Project's linked Appointments [no repeats, see below] and Tasks, sorted by date. for pending Tasks the date is the Due Date, for completed Tasks the date is the End Date. if a Note is linked to the Appointment or Task, the Note title and the first 500 characters of the Note body are shown [plain text; no attachments are shown]
  • IMPORTANT note regarding repeat Appointments: per Marketcircle, repeat Appointments are not supported in the Daylite report engine so repeat Appointments will not be shown
  • Notes section and Emails section: attachments for the Note or Email are not included. only the first 500 characters of the Note body or Email body is shown


  • the Daylite report engine tries to keep data together when possible, the report engine will insert page and line breaks as it sees fit
  • the Daylite report engine stops at 100 pages so if you have a lot of data you may need to limit your date range at run time and/or uncheck various report elements at run time to limit the amount of data
  • output is PDF only
  • not for resale: buyer may only install their purchased Product on their own computer and on computers within their own company
  • not for resale: report is sold exclusively by Blue Rock. buyer is prohibited from reselling any Product or posting any Product for public use or distribution to other individuals and companies
  • payment is through PayPal; please click the add to cart button to add this report to your order
  • completing the purchase indicates agreement with terms of purchase and delivery

Project snapshot - DL305


    Upon receipt of funds, a link to download the Product will be emailed to the email address you provided at the PayPal site.

    Please make sure that you provide an accurate, working email address when you complete your purchase. Please check both your Inbox and your Junk box.



    Completing a purchase indicates agreement with the Blue Rock's terms:

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