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💡 Daylite #worksmart tip: create and share a staff calendar

Need to keep tabs on where everyone is at throughout the day? It's easy with Daylite's Smart Calendar. Check out the video below!

Here are the steps outlined in the video:

  1. click My Calendar, to get you into the calendars section of Daylite

  2. click + at the bottom left of the Daylite window and choose New Calendar Smart List

  3. from the filter popup, click the pulldown next to 'for' and choose either all or specifically

  4. if you choose specifically, then click the + next to specifically and select the desired Users and/or Resources that you want to see on your smart calendar

  5. on the far left in the Daylite navigation pane you see New Smart List; click on New Smart List and name it something meaningful like Staff Calendar

  6. optional: choose to share this smart list with a Team or with Everyone

  7. click the gear at the top left of the calendar and select desired options including (if desired) Color By User or Resource...which changes the colors on the view so that instead of seeing the Category's color you're seeing the User/Resource's color

That's it! Enjoy your new Staff Calendar view!


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