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Are you as guilty as I am of keeping too many To Dos in your head?

Especially if they come to you while you're doing something else outside of Daylite?

Let's dump them quickly into Daylite and add them to your Worklist!


your purchase includes:

  • 4 workflow scripts
  • instructions on installing the scripts, including approving them to run on your computer (via System Preferences>Security & Privacy)
  • usage instructions


what these workflow scripts do: 

  • quickly create Tasks in Daylite and add them to your Worklist; you get 4 scripts so you can choose from Due Today, Due Tomorrow, Due 2 days from Today, or Due 3 days from Today [this last one is great to use on Friday for quickly creating Tasks due Monday]
  • the only Task fields filled in will be the Task Title [based on what you type when you run the script], and the Task Due Date [based on which script you choose to run]; all other Task fields will be set per your Daylite>Preferences>Default Values>Tasks, and your Daylite>Preferences>Notifications>Tasks>Default Reminders
  • 🎬 please watch the video above to see how easy these are to use!



  • these workflow scripts create new Tasks in Daylite in a way that's faster and more efficient than manually going into Daylite, clicking New Task, manually filling out the Title field, setting the Due Date, and adding the Task to your Worklist. Blue Rock's workflow scripts do not delete Daylite objects. Blue Rock's workflow scripts do not modify anything outside of Daylite except your Mac's clipboard [see below]
  • the workflow scripts set your Mac's clipboard to what you type in the Task Title portion of the script. your Mac's clipboard is what your Mac uses when you copy and paste text on your Mac
  • workflow scripts are for Daylite on the Mac only; not for Daylite on iOS devices
  • not for resale: buyer may only install their purchased Product on their own computer and on computers within their own company
  • not for resale: Product is sold exclusively by Blue Rock. buyer is prohibited from reselling any Product or posting any Product for public use or distribution to other individuals and companies
  • payment is through PayPal; please click the add to cart button to add this Product to your order
  • completing the purchase indicates agreement with Product Delivery & Terms of Purchase

Daylite Workflow Script: quickly create Tasks on the Worklist - DL105

SKU: DL105

    Upon receipt of funds, a link to download the Product will be emailed to the email address you provided at the PayPal site.

    Please make sure that you provide an accurate, working email address when you complete your purchase. Please check both your Inbox and your Junk box.



    Completing a purchase indicates agreement with the Blue Rock's terms:


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