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BONUS: we'll help you reconfigure your Contact and Calendars syncing for the Macs, iPhone, and iPads.

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what's included in the Appointment. 
  • we will migrate 1 shared Daylite database to Marketcircle's Cloud hosting environment

  • we will then assist you with downloading the newly-migrated database onto 2 users' devices: a total of 2 Macs [1 Mac per Daylite user] and 4 iOS devices [1 iPhone per Daylite user and 1 iPad per Daylite user]

what's not included in the Appointment. 

this Appointment is for migration of your database into Marketcircle's Cloud hosting and does not include:

  • Marketcircle's Daylite Cloud hosting fee; you will pay that directly to Marketcircle at the conclusion of the migration process. You will be subscribing to 1 year per user, under Marketcircle's discounted Loyalty Plan. The cost of your hosting subscription will be payable to Marketcircle annually.

  • any prep work that may be required to sync your Daylite database to your Daylite Server Admin and/or access your Daylite Server Admin computer. if you are having trouble syncing your Daylite database to your Daylite Server Admin, or trouble accessing your Daylite Server Admin computer, the time required to get your database ready to migrate will be billed separately at Blue Rock's normal $125 USD per hour rate.

  • Daylite training; this time will be billed separately at Blue Rock's normal $125 USD per hour rate.

how the Appointment works. 

Prior to our Appointment, all Daylite users must sync their Mac's Daylite database to the server, and their iPhone's/iPad's Daylite database to the server. Once this final sync is complete, users must not add or modify data in their Daylite database, as that new/modified data will not be included in the migration. We recommend doing the final sync at least 1 hour prior to the Appointment to make sure everyone syncs.


On your desired Appointment date and time, we will have a screenshare with you where we will migrate your database into the Daylite Cloud hosting environment. We must screenshare into the computer currently hosting your Daylite database [ie the computer where Daylite Server Admin is running].

You should plan for at least 2 hours; depending on the size of your database and the internet speed at your location, the migration may go quickly or we may need to let it run through the day or overnight, and reconvene the next morning to finish the migration. With this in mind, please make sure you're available to reconvene the day after the appointment.

what you'll need for the Appointment.
  • list of users that you wish to give access to the database, including their email address

  • administrative access to the current Daylite Server computer [ie the computer where Daylite Server Admin is running]

  • administrative access to all Mac computers that you wish to download the migrated database to

  • administrative access to all iOS devices that you wish to download the migrated database to

  • credit card to finalize the migration by subscribing to Marketcircle's Daylite Cloud hosting

getting the new Daylite database onto Macs and iOS devices.

At the end of the migration, we will download the newly-migrated Daylite database onto devices for up to 2 Daylite users [1 Mac per user and 2 iOS devices per user]. If desired, we will also turn on cardDAV [the sync to the Contacts app] and calDAV sync [the sync to the Calendars app] on those Macs and iOS devices.

If there are additional Macs or iOS devices, or any that are not available at the time of migration, detailed instructions will be provided so you can take care of downloading the newly-migrated database to those Macs and/or iOS devices.


appointment cancellation. 

Appointment cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. In the event that the cancellation is received less than 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment or client fails to show for the appointment, 50% of the Appointment payment serves as a non-refundable late cancellation fee. 


Cancellations may be emailed, or called in to 503-208-6239. In the event that the client receives Blue Rock's voice mail, a cancellation message must be left. 


As always, thanks for your business!